tech bitter 

the keybase desktop app confuses and angers me

tech bitter 

when i click on the tray icon (which is transparent white, so it's basically invisible in my light tray) it opens a gtk dropdown with only one option: "Open Keybase"

when i click on that it opens a custom electron dropdown *far away on my other screen* that shows my recent chats.

then i click on the hamburger menu, quirkily represented by an actual hamburger, and, surprise, it's not a hamburger menu but yet another dropdown, and halfway down the list i can find "Open main app"

tech bitter 

it is extremely telling whenever a designer puts an actual hamburger as the button for their hamburger menu because *no one outside of ui design calls it a hamburger menu*

last time i saw this was in... hello. the social network app, hello. the catastrophically bad social network app backed by orkut guy, orkut büyükkökten, hello

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