I expected this result but also I'm not sure that everyone considered that you can mute cortana but you can't mute the windows XP install music

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@codl jokes on you I've never heard the XP install music because I didn't plug the speakers in until after Windows was installed

@derFisch though i did use to own a laptop with a physical volume wheel, which was pretty rad

@codl interesting! I'd have thought that xp-era laptops would all have still had physical buttons and such but I guess not

I was not in the computer world until fairly recently lol

@derFisch iirc, around the XP era a lot of laptops had dedicated volume buttons but they were still controlled by software, and something like the windows xp installer would not support them

@codl the first time i installed XP there was no sound in the install but that's probably cause it had no drivers

@flussence @codl i've installed windows xp so many times and i didn't even know it had installer music until someone mentioned it the other day

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