animal crossing observation 

it's odd to me that they haven't yet let you ask blathers to follow you around the museum and act as a guide

idk about yall but i'm not particularly receptive to fun dead animal facts when i'm unloading like five fossils, whereas when i'm walking about the museum i'm super ready to learn but all the little plaques have to say is that i donated everything or that i should donate more

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re: animal crossing observation 

@codl godddd that's like, the one thing i wanted from NH after playing NL for a little while

but of course, nintendo gotta nintendo

animal crossing observation 

@codl especially when he's like "fun fact about fossil 1 of 5, the pteroplesiosaurus" and it's like, I don't know what that is or looks like

animal crossing observation 

@robotsneedhugs yeah lmao fossils are especially bad

animal crossing observation 

@codl i always donate one item at a time because i love having blathers react while explaining things, especially if I'm giving him multiple bugs.

animal crossing observation 

@metapianycist yeah me too, but I'm always preoccupied with what I'll be doing next so I'm often not paying full attention :/

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