ad: you need a video
me: no, i do not
ad: but do you really want to deal with all this? (vaguely gestures in direction of video equipment)
me: hell yes id love to play with that shit

that ad really is one step away from (black and white footage of someone bumping into a tripod, sending cameras and lights crashing like a fun domino show) there's got to be a better way

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@codl i want a lot of cool gear but i do not want to do anything useful with it

@codl i got a new (non usb) micro phone for christmas. it's nice and useful and not even very expensive but i already had a perfectly ok (usb) microphone so really i just got it to appreciate the notion of somewhat lower noise

@codl at least i am using it for voice chats and like. Zoom calls i guess. Combined with the shitty webcam i bought in 2012 or whenever. Unfortunately (?) There's no way to use my dslr that i can think of but that would be very quite extra if i did that

@codl WAIT NO apparently the EOS Webcam Utility supports my camera... now i just need to find a place to set up the tripod,

@fennecs I've used my dslr for exactly one video call and then I bought a webcam because it turns out my dslr goes out of live view after 20 minutes if left unattended

@codl yeah but eos whatever is like. Canons official webcamification app

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