holler if yorur computer is broadcasting an ip adress


bumper sticker idea: honk if your car has an IP address

@codl ...oh no this might actually be true for some cars, fuck :|

@Nine @codl those same cars probably have bruh set as their honk sound

@codl wait shit this reminds me the Jaguar iPace has a full fuckin' touch lcd screen and it can pair up with an iphone so you can play videos, browse the internet and everything on the dashboard, so theoretically


you could run doom on a car these days

@Nine @codl tesla cars literally have cuphead preinstalled on them
though tbf mentioning tesla in a "computers in weird places" thing is cheating

@codl @sobsz @Nine ethernet is actually getting more and more common on cars to replace CAN for some stuff 😬

@codl @sobsz @Nine bandwidth mostly, CAN doesn't reliably work over a megabit/sec so it's hard to push like video or a lot of sensor data over that and also it sucks for various other reasons

@gulfie @sobsz @Nine ohh hmm. if it's ethernet for video and whatnot and CAN for highest-priority stuff then sure, but if everything moves to ethernet that worries me

@codl @gulfie @sobsz @Nine you mean ethernet media, right ?

because I know that there's some protocols specifically designed for RT on ethernet

(I'm thinking about https://sourceforge.net/projects/openpowerlink/)

@Nine i know all teslas will connect to your home wifi to download firmware updates at least lol

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