the first section is entirely copyvio so look at it now before i get it removed

it is now gone. i should have taken a screenshot for posterity

actually i still have one of the sources in my browser history so here's most of what was there

though honestly the thing that was immediately outlandish to me is that they put references in their section titles

seeing [1] in large serif font is fucking weird

it also extremely fucked with the edit summary thing, i tried to edit one section and it put the wholeass reference in my edit summary

@trwnh someone decided to plaster this article with mindless corporatespeak about whiteboarding as a state of mind or somesuch. said corporatespeak was entirely copypasted from another website

@codl and if you look at the contributor's history, they also wrote a userspace draft for a whiteboarding company whose founder has a very similar name to their username

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