i think mastodons should let me mark my thread as solved so people don't boost a question that has the answer four posts down

Actually this is just what I was saying the other day but in disguise

When a post gets popular i should be able to attach one of its replies as an amendment, resolution, answer, etc, to show in-line within the popular post

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delete and redraft is nice but not when you're 7 replies deep and you need to correct something in the root post and there are two other posters involved

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also when I say "when a post gets popular" I mean it as a example of a use case, not as a requirement

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@codl or just an option to close replies i guess

@Violet hmm not really! I'm not having a problem with too many answers but I am frustrated with the idea of getting someone's attention with a problem and failing to get them to see that it has been resolved (and potentially how)

@codl how about a question feed that you can submit a question to, kinda like my previous suggestion for a poll feed where you can view all the current running polls from people you follow

@codl we going full on yahoo answers with this

@codl hnnn depending on how generic/vague it is in the ui i fear this could turn into a “check out my soundcloud” feature

@cpsdqs im not particularly bothered by that idea, it's not harmful, just uncool. also it's not like posts go viral in the same kinda scope here as they do on twitter

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