i will never forget that time when i discovered that if you have two bandcamp tabs, one of which is playing, and you start playing in the other, the first one will pause, and it was all being done with a very complicated message bus based on polling cookies at high frequencies

i'm sure it doesn't work like that anymore but, fuck

it was so janky and so cool

by the way this train of thought was prompted by this http 203 episode youtube.com/watch?v=9UNwHmaged

the modern way to do this would be with a serviceworker passing messages around. the utopic future way to do it if/when safari supports it is BroadcastChannel


i'm sure you will be surprised to find out that they don't mention "cookie polling"


@codl I love cookie polling

Which do you like more?
⚪ Chocolate Chip cookies
⚪ Sugar cookies

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