is this a real thing or is this an urban legend

bc i definitely had this thought before but i didn't think anyone else had

actually! i know this isn't true because when you stream to zero viewers, your little preview on the dashboard counts as one viewer, and it's muted by default

though i wonder if more complicated viewer count heuristics kick in once you get out of the sub-10 viewer count zone. which i do not

well 20 minutes of investigation did not uncover a tracker flag that changes when a stream is muted (which honestly surprises me) so unless it's obfuscated somewhere in requests to video-edge-* or video-weaver-*, i dont think they care

what i did uncover however is that twitch has private APIs just for FFZ

@codl are you sure that this isn't because you have FFZ on? (Just asking I may be wrong)


@Siph it is, but the query is going out to twitch's servers

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