this has got to be my least favourite kind of timezone selection dropdown

like idk if anyone has an explanation for why CET is always split into four identical zones full of cities in these lists but i fuckin hate it

it's not something to do with daylight saving time, all of europe does daylight saving time at the same time (except for that bit of russia that floats west of lithuania) (but it's also not on CET anyway)

(despite the UTC+XX labels, this site does at least honor daylight saving time)


ideal: use the tz database and let people click a map rather than asking them to guess the nearest Timezone Capital

at least not with the tz database and not if you live in a small country

like i can reliably click on france on a map of any reasonable size. but not on, like, luxembourg

and it seems really extra to make your timezone picker, which is a map, also zoomable and pannable

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