a lot of these prompts i know what to do with even though i don't think the result will be good but, "4D Stegosaurus"?? i would need to do like, an animation of it moving into and out of visible 3D space

a lot of the prompts in the "halloween" set sound like pitches for short stories i want to read
- 'thank you' trees lean out of residences
- something is sitting in the center of the spectre tapestries
- the unseen graveyard stretches for miles
- this town is filled with orange dust (ahh cheeto curse)

im gonna be thinking about thank you trees all day

@codl this is also the name of my prog metal band

@codl it would have to be a rotation, like josefs pic, otherwise it would just appear and siappear instantly

@batterpunts well no the stegosaurus is 4D so it clearly has some 4D depth

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