"People named Alice or Bob are always up to something on the Internet" is my new favourite quote

deltarune ch 2 spoilers 

as i am playing this i have been picturing spamzapper as virovirokun with a mail worker's cap

spamzapper spoilers 

Fuck i take it all back my new favourite quote is "God answered my prayers and made me a boyfriend inside my computer"

i wish all the

weirdos from never before seen instances who boosted the top post in this thread because daddy gargron boosted it

a very

play the game. it's very good

!! warning !!
no arguing with me about whether it is a game please


gosh i love every single one of these characters to bits (ha ha)

re: spamzapper 

@codl whos your favourite

for me its probably tied between chimes and decoder

re: spamzapper 

@avie i think it's gotta be zap, with chimes close behind

It's Carol you usually have to watch out for.

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