Follow announcement, action required 

hi, you may have noticed that was down for the last two weeks. it's back now. sorry about the trouble

i've disabled it on every account as a precaution. sign in again and click enable to turn it back on

boosts much appreciated

also the associated tweet if u think you're followed on twitter by people who use forget announcement, action required 

@codl Thank you for bringing it back! Forget is a really awesome tool! Especially since I'd otherwise certainly be too lazy to delete my old posts myself ... :ms_grin: announcement, action required 


I'm not a user, but the method is sooo nice.
Far ahead of the "commercial services".

So, thank you ^^ announcement, action required 

@codl thanks a lot for the service. I think i’m not using it anymore since i moved out here but i used to use it and it was really cool announcement, action required 

@codl Merci pour le taf et le service! announcement, action required 

@codl thank you for the service. I have added forget to the #ActivityPub developer resources watchlist at:

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