i think all permission dialogs should have a "lie with fake data" button

to de-incentivize apps deciding to block you off from some screens if you haven't allowed location access or whatever

yes of *course* you can run in the background :sideeye:

this introduces a ui puzzle of: how do you remind someone that they're lying to the app so that they know why it's not working as advertised. but that's not my problem im just the ideas creature

just realised a better label would be "let's not and say we did"

@codl yes of *course* you can access my files

btw why does like every android app need access to files?

@codl yeah I need this function at least for location

@codl i'm also a fan of "yes but with less specific data", like you can do in iOS with location, where only granting coarse location gives the app a random location in town with a 2 km big accuracy radius

@ChlorideCull oh i didn't know this was a thing. this is how i was envisioning lying anyway, the lie needs to be believable enough for the app not to be able to tell


an app asks to access your camera, and it just gets gifs of starcraft character portraits

@codl most importantly gps, with phone/call/text/contacts being a close second

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