i have an old 8bitdo controller and it's.. not good so im always confused to see everyone say they're the best possible controller for retro shit


also tbh i don't want to hold a controller shaped and sized like an NES or SNES controller in my big adult hands

anyway i dont do a whole lot of retro gaming (or gaming at all) lately but when i do i just use a dualshock 4

dpad is mushier than id like but, it's fine

@codl oh you probably have their older SN30 or SN30 pro, which are shaped the same as an SNES controller; the SN30 pro+ has handles that make it much more comfortable

yes their naming is confusing

@Felthry yeah i think i have the... FC30 pro? which is just the SN30 pro but famicom coloured

@codl yeah the pro+ is way more comfortable, that's what people usually are recommending

@Felthry either way i don't think i like the snes button feel as much as i remembered when i bought this. i think i'd prefer clicky microswitches

@codl i have a no-name saturn pad with usb internals and it's both the best and worst dpad i've used lately

can't stand sony's dpads. they've had 25 friggin years to get it right and any patents nintendo had are expired by now

@flussence my problem is i don't like nintendo's dpads either

@codl i can agree, the DS one wasn't terrible but... yeah
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