hey remember a couple months ago when i subscribed to an art supplies crate and reserved my judgement. i can now say: don't subscribe to upcrate, they are not competent. my crate for this month got lost because their system forgot which country i live in and just put in germany instead

the support person who contacted me to tell me it got sent back to them blames me for entering it wrong. strangely, last month's crate arrived fine, and it said France on the sticker

I am currently asking for a refund

I'd like to walk back some of what I said:
- It is possible that I did enter my address wrong, because their website is wonky and I had to sign up twice, and I was aggravated the second time.
- It is strange that they sent the may box to my correct address, which is not the address they should have had on file in this scenario

ah yes. their checkout form pulls up my saved address *except for the country* which always defaults to germany

this isn't true 

@codl did you know that 57% of the bee population have a PO box in Germany

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