a little secret about Stray (2022). many gamers have fallen in love with the cute animal from the videogame.. and can you blame them! who could resist! but did you know the game is based on real life? it turns out, cats are actually real!! get in touch with your local authorities to find the best locations to witness and touch cats

@codl I've heard you can adopt cats into your own home to witness their antics at any time

@patterfloof this is true, many people will even give away cats if they find that they have grown too many of them. how generous!

@helene @codl They are indeed so amazing in real life, that if you showed a picture of a cat to a person who's never seen one and told them what cats do and how they behave, they would not believe in their existence.
@codl do you really want g*mers to be around cats? or any other animal, for that matter? they should stay in their caves, away from society, for their own safety
@codl the elites don't want you to know this, but you can just adopt cats for free at the animal shelter. I have 458 cats
Wow, and I thought my cat is a part of my imagination. Although judging by how much virtual reality is advancing we won't be able to distinguish reality from fiction anyway.

@codl Today I saw one of those cats. And I petted it!

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