"Fanboy's Annoyance List blocks Social Media content, in-page pop-ups and other annoyances"

yeah im real annoyed by orange rectangle with wifi appearing on the web page

maybe my first mistake was subscribing to an ill-defined "annoyance" blocklist

man i just browsed through fanboy's annoyance list and the only sections which aren't "general annoyances" or language-specific are "rss buttons" and "scroll to top buttons"

it doesn't even work anymore because of https reasons and also probably autoplay reasons, but dont tell the adblock forum that. it would be sad if the rss icon blocklist didnt say fartscroll in it

ah i take back what i said, there are other sections, they're just formatted different. theres one for "Particles dynamic background" which really completes the picture of a grumpy adblock list author

@codl i hate subscribing to rss feeds so much. i wonder if there was a list that removes rss

@forever @codl kinda weird because FOSS bros and those who think RSS is a replacement for social media overlap quite a bit

@codl (this is what happens when u let fossbros make adblock lists)

@codl are the rest of the filenames in English? Fart means speed in Swedish.

That said, it's a stretch because a Swedish person would write snabbscroll if they actually intended to write fast scroll.

@codl performance art:

1. call yourself "fanboy"
2. hate everything

@codl Uugh, now I need to check where I use that dumb list.

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