they made a board game about the queen's gambit (the tv show) and it is somehow not just chess

it's like fucked up chess where you just have one piece

what im saying is that it's the dota to chess's warcraft 3


oh god what if though. you have to draft pieces or whatever and place them on the board and then stockfish plays for you

@codl 5 or 6 years ago, a friend and i were trying to make the Chess TCG, featuring cool pieces such as Rat King, and Slimes

@codl basically "what if fantasy chess, but you could adjust your piece makeup to have Synergies and Combos"

@codl can stockfish make sense of impossible chess positions though?

@Felthry oh yeah

it doesn't know how to deal with things that break the rules of chess entirely like, one player having two kings or no kings

but like if a player somehow has 15 rooks? that's fine

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