how do yall organize spare cables

I have so many cables yall and I can never find the one I'm looking for

alternatively does any of you have a 3 meter cable with schuko at one end and the like, rectangle shape with two corners cut out, at the other end, that I can borrow

One day I will learn the name of that plug

The one that's on computer

according to wikipeds it's IEC 60320 C13/C14, C13 being the plug and C14 the receptacle

I will not remember this

anyway it turns out i have one spare IEC cable but i cannot use it because it is a weird fucked up cable

this where i reveal that when ive been saying schuko i actually meant CEE 7/5, the french one with the big ground pin on the socket, usually the distinction doesn't matter because everything comes with a CEE 7/7 plug that fits in either socket

anyway for some reason the plug on this cable
- is schuko / CEE 7/5 / CEE 7/7 shaped
- has rails for the schuko ground pins but no contacts there
- does not have a hole for the 7/5 ground pin, which means i can't plug it into my sockets

so like

1) this has a ground pin at the device end but not at the wall, which seems fucked up. why isn't it just a CEE 7/7 plug
2) if you really want to save on one pin why not just go for the flat plug that would fit in both sockets, or with the round one with the cutouts that also would fit in both
3) how did this cable get in my home?? i never could have plugged it in anywhere!

photo of the offending plug and also reference on all the things i named

i also dont know why the cable looks like it has been in mud


anyway i need a new cable

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