ive been made to care about how the clipboard works in x11 recently and: what the fuck

i don't mean the fact that there's three of them, that's awful but i already knew that, i mean the fact that if the program that put something in the clipboard goes away, the clipboard goes away too

that's not a clipboard! that's a post it note that says "for clipboard contents ask pid 69420"

someone should make a new display server for linux

@codl i get why it works that way but also what the fuck

@codl I hate that I knew this without having had to read it x_x

@codl this box has existed for a while, and now it puts the image ~somewhere~ when it closess, but for a long time it just got accidentally'd

@codl To be fair, the Windows clipboard can sometimes do this too, though at least usually programs built that way (like Excel) will warn you about it before exiting.

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