it is dawning on me that it has been maybe a decade since I last designed a website with more than two headings and one form and that all my knowledge is outdated

I dont mean "I don't know react" fuck react, I mean i just found out that if you specify an image's height and width in html and then set width to 100% in CSS it just works. It respects the aspect ratio

This changes everything

alright where should i go to catch up on whats been going on with web standards and design in the last like five years

- smashing magazine's top 3 articles right now are something about react, something about "introverted design", and figma balls, not the vibes i'm looking for
- is just google's "here are some things we put in chrome so we could push them on the standards bodies, we might remove them in a couple months" blog
- is css-tricks still good?
- is a list apart still good?

aw a list apart isn't released in issues anymore, i liked that

oh a list apart is also.. not updated very often huh

one article last december, one article last june. rip?

on the subject of web dev blogs: i dislike codepen embeds so so so much

why does it have so much frickin ui and why is it all dark mode always

im sad that jsbin died out but none of that shit would be necessary if you could put a view-source url inside an iframe

codepen looks the same today than it did when i was in school and i already disliked it then

maybe i'm a light theme snob


UPDATE: turns out codepen embeds are not necessarily dark mode always

it's just that everyone uses the dark one regardless

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