a form asks for your gender. "put a dot in this box to mark your gender," it says

it looks like a graph, with eight small tick-marks on each axis. the axes are unlabeled

@codl @RithsAttendant "enter your gender". it's a phone number entry field

@typhlosion @kawa @RithsAttendant @codl

What is your GENDER?
You are in an open field. There is a HOUSE to the NORTH, a SHED to the WEST, and a MAILBOX to the EAST.
>Open Mailbox
You find a LETTER.

@typhlosion @codl
"Please enter your gender in the boxes below"
Number ****-****-****-****
Exp. **/**
CVV ***

☝ i want to do this for real remind me to look into how to create an itch.io jam tomorrow

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