i cant fucking believe someone managed to put the two most technically-not-gambling probably-about-to-get-scammed things of the decade, csgo skins and cryptocurrency, together

yes hello i've spotted a wizard up on death mountain. please deal with this ASAP my crops are dying

il se passe quoi avec les guillemets sur le site de france inter

someone who hasnt seen jack & dean of all trades explain this frame to me

when you disconnect while in the planning phase you just kinda drop from the helicopter and rain money down on the map

i dont know if that money stays there when the game actually starts but i'm going to say: probably

how did this happen. what. also i am pissed that it doesn't say winner winner chicken dinner

christening my listenbrainz account

lolent, le site web avec des horaires d'ouverture

i found this on my phone and i dont remember it nor do i know what it means

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i think it's kinda cool that the button for the new battle royale mode shows actual gameplay of it

this is what the main menu looks like in the latest update btw :hotboi:

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