i am annoyed at noted very good press site torrentfreak 

god shut the fuck up

✅ I confirm that I have searched the issue tracker for duplicates. Couldn't read them though.

haha hey i guess krita's timelapse recorder doesn't work too well with cmyk

frpol mais en vrai c'est juste pour la photo 

j'ai ri à la une de libé d'ajd

omg matt eiffelart is back and his little pngtuber is so cute

close up of a bee 

this is my hole! it was made for me!

(🖼️ Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash)

im watching the latest tom scott video where some company built a car that you sit backwards in and look at a screen to drive and: excuse me? why?? why is the camera not connected straight to the screen with a hdmi cable or sdi or something

if u think about it a little bit twitter is one big mailing list :thonking:

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