splatoon 3 

this is how im supposed to practice my aim right?

splatoon 3 q, a 

yes, but not all of them (luna blaster above, splash-o-matic below)

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splatoon 3 

something weird is going on with the floor to the side of the locker editor

C parti cest le début de la célébrité

Comme quoi ça paye de suivre tous les leclercs

what the fuck is going on on this page

wmf: so, should we switch the default theme?
guy A: yes, it is within your power and we cannot stop you
guy B: they were asking for your opinion actually
guy C: yeah if they didn't ask we could stage a coup. who knows if they are lying to us about this css file however

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c'est plus que l'adsl haut débit que j'ai eu pendant longtemps mais ok

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codl but youre allergic 2 bees's choices:


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