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is pannenkoek even allowed to use a song from majoras mask? that's not mario 64

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@Felthry lmao ok now i want to see a theater play called "opening hours" thats just seven characters saying a bunch of times

@Felthry there's no joke really, this are the opening hours of an office and they've jammed the whole thing into the line for "monday"

pk c'est fermé juste l'après-midi ou je peux y aller nik

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@batterpunts congrats. while I was sleeping I committed important minecraft recipes to long term memory

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it is a treat to watch 4:3, dvd-quality anime in 2020

always good to have an excuse for not doing things tbqh

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was thinking about streamin tonight but apparently twitch is breaking so i'm going to wait and see

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@wxcafe ah who am i kidding theres nothing intellectual about butt cube

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