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yall saying no but cmon

vlogging is inherently funny

@trwnh wait is that invading computer fairies' turf?

i want to start vlogging but i know if i do it wont end well

oh wow i never even realised that you can see big boo haunt in the tiny cage, and that the level is surrounded by grating because it's supposed to be inside of the cage

ive come to assume that everything in mario 64 is disconnected non-euclidean bullshit

the internal name for the youtube academy thing is "kenobi"

folks how do you mention to someone that you have a mental illness without it colouring every exchange you have with them from then on

@Felthry then idk thats too many variables and you might as well try it

well it depends on your position on nutella. if you don't like nutella then it's as bad as it sounds

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