@dialupdoll oh yeah! i forgot that this was a Real Thing

did spider-man invent the trope where spiders can shoot high speed silk or was this always a thing in fiction

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Au moins ce soir c'était pas particulièrement raciste

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le copain de ma mère est de plus en plus aigri. ajd j'ai eu le droit à "les jeunes il mangent du mcdo ils boivent de la bière et il croient que c'est une vie? si j'étais eux j'irais marcher au moins"

c'est louuuuurd et en plus il monopolise la parole pour dire des banalités pareilles

@Siph if someone got into my home network and planted a fake cups portal at an address predicting my typo then they probably deserve my root password

@Siph yeah nah anything on never leaves the machine

and even if for some reason i typed my local ip to access cups it still would never touch the network... unless I typed it wrong

@Siph yeah i think so. but wireshark itself requires either root permissions or special capabilities

there's probably a way to avoid doing that and 🚨 You Don't Have To Tell Me What It Is 🚨

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even if it's localhost... it aint feel right

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i will never get over typing my root password into a browser's stock http auth dialog for cups

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it's been really cold lately! please remember to dress warm

if you wanna pick what I draw during my art streams, consider supporting me on patreon! patreon.com/derFisch You can also get some other perks, too

Though technically I suppose this one is yyddmm

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Ahhh no I mistook someone for someone else and now i have a reply sandwich

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@wxcafe but you could just go outside and steal a car??

@wxcafe I started reading from the middle and with the assumption that you were talking about the car video game

@avie that's not the song i was thinking of but it came up first and is even more out of place

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