onwy twust your bappy paws
powice wiw nevew hewp you

i guess SA :argh: is what i'm thinking of

basically i want a pictorial way to express that i'll get you for this, spider-man

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reading gamers against weed stories is making me wish i still was in irc channels

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i cant believe i missed this but in my absolute favourite gamers against weed scp (SCP-2433 - This definitely does not help Bernie Sanders):

1) the tumblr link implies that it was self-reblogged three times
2) the scp researcher only censored the domain and post ID, didnt realise that you could guess the domain from the post slug

mwah chefs kiss i love it

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@fennecs i mean honestly super hey ya belongs on a mouth album

i mean remaster in the music sense not in the nonsensical video game sense

anyway what i'm saying is i want a version of gonna dig up alec guinness that doesn't sound flat as all hell

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i hope one day neil cic remasters some of the old lemon demon albums because there are some bops in there but they're hard to go back to

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