ça se fait pas d'envoyer des "petites" videos de 30 minutes aux gens

@lucidiot hmm that's not what I meant, I wouldn't even know how to use that. I meant like when you type a module's name in the interpreter it goes <'thing' module, from file '/usr/lib/python/thing.py'>

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i want to say it even tells you what file the module is in when you inspect it in the interactive console but i don't think that was a feature back in 2002 when this was written

several people said "to make it hard to find" but it's not like i had a lot of trouble finding it, the name is right there: "import this", the module is called "this"

@softgoat i just typed "imgflip" into my browser history search and it came up with one imgflip link and this

i will only accept the fastest of easter eggs

someone in the github comments for the commit that introduced this is complaining that this is a slow implementation of rot13

so you know how if you 'import this' you get the zen of python right

why is the source for it obfuscated? github.com/python/cpython/blob

i typed "lord munchsquaad" into duckduckgo and it gave me this

has anyone smashed that blasted subscribe button yet




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