I like the tasvideos header animations

@chao it's not that entertaining to watch tbh but it is technically impressive tasvideos.org/1894M.html

@chao oh have you seen the TAS of megaman X thru X3 all being played at the same time with the same controller inputs

@chao also at the speed at which garbage asset flips come out on steam i think they come out faster than i could play them

theyre all bad. all video games are irredeemable. 0/10 across the board. thatll be 500 euros please

pay me and i will play video games for you and tell you how bad they are

my dentist doesnt have an anime figurine of a lady holding a giant toothbrush on his shelf anymore, i have to find a new dentist ASAP

there's a smurfs book where they introduce money into the village and they all start distrusting each other

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yes hello i've spotted a wizard up on death mountain. please deal with this ASAP my crops are dying

@halcy I think the argument was you could reuse it (or equivalents) in other games... Or something. I'm gonna have to rewatch the video

the cyberpunk future is weird yall

yknow i think extra credits made an episode where they suggested exactly this, using a blockchain to prove ownership of in-game items, and at the time i was like "yeah okay why not" but now i'm not so sure

maybe because these arent in-game items they're just trading cards of in-game items

@Jenkar are we still in the decade of mongodb. anyway let's add that too

oh yeah i ended up on opskins because i found out steamdb uses their CDN for some reason? also did you know the main steamdb dev is also the dev for that thelounge irc client

found out about this because i... ended up on OPskins somehow and they were putting this front and center and theyre picture of guns that you cant use in any game, that use the blockchain because the free market

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