on parie combien que mon rdv a été annulé en scred

il est 6 heures du matin j'ai pas encore dormi et la caf est sensée m'appeler à 11h pour un truc dont je me souviens plus parce que ça fait un mois et demi que je l'ai pris ce rendez vous téléphonique

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Swap on SSD is bad because it makes a lot of writes.... but modern machines have lots of ram... tmpfs are filesystems held in memory....

New concept: swap in RAM. Faster, more efficient, saves your SSD... it’s just better honestly

it's world backup day (addendum) 

it's world backup day (PSA) 

@hierarchon no wait better idea. mandate that each vendor must use a different one

@hierarchon why add one when you could add all of them

Errata: fucked up thinking faces and pride flags that aren't in unicode yet

Fork mastodon and search/replace "custom emoji" to "fucked up thinking faces"

I should measure which custom emotes I use the most. I think :thaenkin: or :thinkhappy: would come out on top

I added :thowo: to this server months ago and I haven't used it a single time

animal crossing 

animal crossing 

me, a genius, while waiting for chitter to reboot: (unlocks phone, refreshes home timeline) hmm this is taking a while

@impiaaa oh is there an api for adding emotes now

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