it's not ideal but i don't mind having to restart the stream now and then if it means i can have consistent audio

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i am somewhat certain that the compressor in frankerfacez breaks playbackRate somehow because streams don't catch up to live for me anymore ever since i have the compressor enabled by default

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@unascribed i think drinking mercury would make you regular sick if not potion sick

but that's because twitch does use playbackRate to catch up

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i don't actually know if the youtube embedded player lets you fuck around with playbackRate. i know twitch *constantly* resets it

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wish cytube would speed up / slow down video to reach sync instead of just jumping ahead and hoping for the best as soon as it's more than 2 seconds off

violet with the post that attracts all the frenchies

@hierarchon lol. i was channeling four unix greybeards at once

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