me: ah! just finished watching an episode of a series on netflix, can't wait to watch those credits and then go do something else like do the dishes or sleep
netflix: (nate dogg voice) hope you're ready for the next episode

drugs, nonsense 

crude: truck nuts
mood: dragon tail that you attach to your truck and that you can slap people's hoods with when they honk at you

@trwnh but anyway if garg says no then there's probably more to it than say on twitter where it's just a tweet that they check still exists every day

@trwnh oh ok weird for everything else proofs are just like, a post

@trwnh I mean you can just delete the proof right? Idk how mastodon keybase proofs work

can these boots are made for walkin be a meme please

these boots were made for bootin and that's just what they'll do
one of these boots these boots are going to boot all over boot

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