i m fuckin losing it "actor/floater" is the funniest lowerthird description ive ever seen

@halcy but also im with you, cache was already on point

valbe put cache in cs:gun so i can look at it and then uninstall csgo and have disk space again

fuck the new de_cache is the third version of cache, thats why theyre taking forever to put it in the game

ukpol, videos-game 

@curls.... are you reposting this regularly to make sure that it stays posted

@cpsdqs I mean i had a pretty good idea of what I was trying to do but the things I found on stackoverflow didn't exist in the docs


also it will probably outlive me and that's scary

"codl what's so spooky about a microphone" I will record ghosts with it

I must have done various iterations of the official tutorial like four times now and every time I get to the end of it and have a terrible app that does nothing and I'm like "now what" because the docs are hard to browse if you don't already know the name of what you're looking for

yo anyone got a good android app development tutorial

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Les souris religieuses, pattisières et bretonnes

Les couines amen

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