some posters really do be posting like they're cd key generators, I think that's impressive

@avie something something earthbound reference

thinking about fyre festival again

famous rapper opens online gambling platform: bets by dre

i was under the impression that title case was a mostly US thing but after 7 minutes on wikipedia i am not sure

all i know is that it annoys me

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also whenever i have to type Title Case i get really mad

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i was thinking, good, now that shops are open again i can finally go grab it

no, i cannot

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wait porter robinson nurture *still* isn't out?

vends ancienne attestation de déplacement obligatoire [RARE] [vintage]

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it's been years and I will never not be mad. I will die on this hill and I will die mad

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I'm still mad about chrome android removing support for showing individual tabs in the app switcher

looking at 4 year old stack overflow answers about docker is like peering into an alternate universe where everything is a pain in the ass, instead of only some things being a pain in the ass

us pres 45 

@Siph there's your answer. young trump looks like beef

lrr quote out of context 

"when canadians die we ship the ghosts to america"

happy to report that i have successfully done a sysadmining

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