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i wish all those laptop keyboards that put a Fn key where control should be would make it so pressing Fn + anything that isn't mapped to Fn just input control + thing instead

evolution's reminders thing is so useless, it just popped up a reminder for an appointment i had 13 hours ago

it sounds like a tasty sandwich just sayin

oh its the thing that makes the ice flat in hockey rinks

Un jour, @bayartb a rangé son livre dans sa poche.
Je l'ai regardé bizarrement (je savais pas que c'était *possible* !).
- Ben quoi.
- Ok donc les livres de poche sont des livres de poche d'*homme* en fait.

anki deck with just one card that says on one side

Frolf means {...}

and on the other

Frog golf

There's a really terrible parody game for Windows 98 called Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire that's not yet available on the Internet Archive, etc. I looked it up on eBay, and there's someone selling a box of 520 copies for $198

Like I don't even know if I want ONE copy. Even as an 11-year-old (the target audience), I thought it was unbearable. But what an auction

doesn't even support italics in captions

how the hell am I supposed to caption foreign words

ma voisine toute gentille est venue me voir pour dire qu'elle a fait une lettre aux voisins qui ont fait plein de bruit hier pour leur rappeler que 5h du mat c'est un peu tard

i don't understand how to get to this screen from the UI but manually navigating to /web/search worked

i have... the perfect thing to make this bland bowling game into a goofy mess

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