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just now noticing that years in pixels has an option to export to docx but not like, csv

who designed this got dang thing

i got distracted by toilets but im back and i have figured out the wood



je sais qu'il faut aller sur place et demander à la taille hein juste il est 22:30 un dimanche soir et je voudrais savoir le prix. je pense pas que ça soit ouvert

folks........ where do i obtain plywood.................

Impostor syndrome very bad 

Impostor syndrome very bad 

come to bénodet in the next few hours if you want a beach time ass kicking

ive only now had this realisation that i don't need to wait for someone to propose we go to the beach. i can just drive to the beach and have a beach time and it's free

(googling) difference between skeleton and ghost

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I'm awake and I'm already ready to sleep

i don't see why people get mad about comic sans when they could be getting mad about coolvetica

every time i see coolvetica i lose 6d4 + 4 HP

me, trying to remember the word "stopwatch": timeclock

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