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alternately, anyone want to fly me to new york and back so i can look at the sketchbooks

b&h photo should be a shop that sells photo equipment and also pencils

they accept sketchbooks from anywhere in the world but i wanna also look at the sketchbooks and brooklyn is very far away

it's like. a big library of sketchbooks to which anyone can contribute

yo does anyone know something like the brooklyn art library sketchbook project but in europe

actually no I don't want to watch it but I want it to exist

i want to watch a cut of dragon ball z in which goku is replaced with bart simpson

- Vegeta, what's the sayan number on your Google glass

- it is much larger than expected

- d'oh

If I were my isp I would simply restore my Internet access

oh the power sequencer addon is being shipped with blender in 2.81. ive been meaning to give it a shot so theres my chance

not a fan of the indicator next to servers though

hmm discord has a new light theme and it is nice and has decent contrast

joueur du grenier theme trip hop remix 10 HOURS

theres a homestuck instance but where is my problem sleuth fediverse instance

Je vous déclare... Coupable ! *sors une grosse paire de ciseaux*

@halcy you have a blender cloud subscription, right? how are the courses? ive been on the fence abt whether i want to restart my cgcookie subscription or check out blender cloud

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it is only me, codl's choices:


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