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idk about yall but i think super mario world is a pretty good game

gbpostin, alcohol 

hey what's super marios favourite posix function? setjmp

because it's backwards longjmp

I'm very funny

i was like "shame they gave up on making that third one"

finding out today that there was a third golden sun on the nintendo DS and starting to wonder if i have been transported to a parallel universe

j'ai pas trouvé de test de mario party advance intitulé "mario partout", le journalisme francophone du jeu video c'était pas encore ça à l'époque

Si, dans mario party, plusieurs joueurs pouvaient choisir le même personnage, ça serait mario partout

idea: a movie theater that is also a restaurant so you can have a full meal while watching die hard 2

Do you know who needs to be in the new Smash game? Aradesh from the Fallout games!

it is a little frustrating that as an affiliate I can't opt out of any of their money-making schemes. Like how on youtube I can just disable monetization entirely

twitch has introduced ad revenue sharing for affiliates and, yall, i cant wait to make like ten cents over the next five years

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my codl is the codl of lizard's choices:


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