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dec 23rd. in my head i thought it was the 22nd

A scene from Nausicaä (1984) and its borrowed appearance in Gimmick! (1992, Famicom). Love those little ohmu-likes you can ride on.

re bad games 

re bad games 

oh no... we've used up all the facts and logic!!

re bad games 

bad games? youtube? i dont know how to tag this but i feel like it should be tagged 

it's just called vice games now. thats the bull shit right there

wont be enough for the twelve days of chrismas but ill have to make do

for decimal december i am going to learn to count to ten

ok fine i'll post it myself. it's a better version of my joke anyway

im waiting for someone to post the scarfolk council thing

ah fuck i forgot about advent of code. i dont really feel like doing it this year

what if brentalfloss still on youtube today? petscop get lyrics

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