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they should make a first person tennis game

i cant hear ode to joy anymore without also hearing the brexecutable music compo is over

im sorry i dont make the rules its just how it work

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if you announce a game sequel on stage and you dont do the peggle 2 jump and punch the air move, your a coward

watched five lock picking videos and now i want a lockpick set

huh today i found out that wikipedia has a template that imitates a twitter embed

at least when 20.10 comes out in a few months it will only be 10 years late

cant help but read "ubuntu 20.04" as "ubuntu from 2004"

drugs i guess. but mostly nonsense 


also apparently some of the twitch streamers they chose to participate were rotten garbo. idk i don't know any of them

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apparently some chess people raised a stink about it because theyre mad that people who are not good at chess are allowed to play chess competitively

Show thread organized a twitch tournament and called it "PogChamps"

they didn't even try to make the name vaguely chess related. it's like the name is for chess enthusiasts, not for twitch users, yet the whole thing was clearly meant to be entertaining to people who aren't chess enthusiasts

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