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when is journald going to get log forwarding do you think they know that their library is called ass imp

pick up line 

hey baby, how's it going? this beat is non-stop

Oh wow, I think I just stumbled upon what appears to be an earlier version of the DUNE trailer with the original score. Interesting!

monster heuristic 

whenever someone is introduced in an episode and appears happy in that episode, that means they die or have their life upended in some awful way in the same episode

im still sad that no one found it funny when epic sued apple and i went "epic clapback"

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these sick burns are how im gonna get a stand up comedy show on netflix

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more like hogfarts haha take that "just kidding" rowling

there was a "live" panalysts at pax online, and it's good

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panalysts quote 

"But who would you harass creatively with a horny parrot?"
"...My friends. I mean, Ian likes birds."

"wait I missed a live panalysts at pax online??"

"wait live panalysts sounds terrible"

"whens international mens day?" its this week end. 24 whole hours of mans

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lrrmans this weekend................. road quest home edition

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