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ok i fixed what i think was the biggest inconsistency in chitter's database, duplicate remote accounts and the broken index that caused them

there might be others but i'd need to shut down chitter for... an unspecified length of time to check. and it is late and i am tired. so it will have to wait

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out here doing database surgery at 4 am and wondering where did my life take this path

there is something very satisfying about using a self-repeating vim macro for ad-hoc input processing

postgresql question 

say i'm changing something that is used as a foreign key in a bunch of tables, is there a way to update every reference at once without typing them out

kinda like if they had all been defined with ON UPDATE CASCADE but just for this one query

latest people make games video looks like a philosophy tube video

malik star trip is a cutie pie pass it on

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one of these days i will learn how to use chef or puppet or something

ok the latest msi installer for mtg arena just installs a "version" file and a readme and absolutely nothing else

they have clearly stopped supporting this method of installation

kinda fucked that this bus service only runs like one week a year

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shit how do i get back to tucson now

chitter tech :/ 

i am noticing some database weirdness... something happened with indexes in the last migration and now there are queries not returning things depending on which index they are hitting and things that ended up duplicated because their unique index was wrong

i don't have time to look into it now but i will probably have to take chitter offline later today so i can fix it

i really hope this is limited to the indexes and no data has been lost :/

you can really tell that zack morrison wrote all the story mode dialogues because they are absolutely charming

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