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la version en ligne du courrier international devrait s'appeller l'e-mail internet-tonal

the only surefire way to know that someone is a scientist is if there is a diploma on the wall behind them

still seems like a perfect fit for my imaginary movie's credits sequence

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looking at the lyrics now and it is looking like it's one of those songs that are 100% about how cool the speaker is and how much sex they having

but I'm not sure what the weather people have to do with that

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real talk I have no idea what weather people is about

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After watching fast 1 and 2 the spirit of 00s action cinema awoke within me and I am now aware that "Weather People" by Cage ought to have been the credits song of a mid-00s action movie involving some rapping youth and a tornado or storm or other meteorological event that you can build an action movie around

like i'm not saying they shouldn't do it! it's fine (though the ones that contort loose form elements and weird sibling CSS selectors to build simple interactivity, often ruining semantic meaning and with it the accessibility tree, need to reevaluate) but i don't understand why it's a point of pride

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i find it weird how some techies find such pride in building their personal website without using javascript

what the fuck is a solution architect

oh i always forget about that third act. ehhh. like i said, *2010* banger

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me: ah, sleep time

my brain: hey i just remembered that one episode of autotune the news that has herman van rompuy in it. want to hear it? theres also that guy from a band that you dont know, he says shawty

wikipedia quote 

I suppose if you gave the horse a flotation device you could ride it on water for longer.

if you know what it meabs then please share because I donot know

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it's tuesay you know what it meabs

"what's a septillion. are they the thing that live in the centre of the earth?"

anyway mastodon only lets you log in with your email

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