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i did it i wrote my two^Wthree paragraphs and they're not *completely* awkward

im a videogameswriter now

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mod's actually working great now but now i need to come up with two paragraphs of flavor text and um

im gonna go to bed instead

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not posting on twitter does reduce the risk of that happening

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my one hope in life is that i never have to post a picture of a paragraph of text to twitter for any reason

who would win: a popular space 4X game with years of regular updates and patches, or one lo\nely li\ne break

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ok i lost two hours to a line endings mismatch coolcool

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never fuckin used it before. i'm pretty sure the last time i needed a pound sign i just used compose instead

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stellaris modding making me re-discover that the french keyboard layout does have a Β£

lmao to make vim write a byte order mark you have to :set bomb

somebody :set up us the bomb!

drake no: olivier de carglass
drake yes: morad de carglass

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alors, rejoignez nous (rentre dans un placard avec un micro en carton) cliquez ici pour postuler

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