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i'm sure it doesn't work like that anymore but, fuck

it was so janky and so cool

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i will never forget that time when i discovered that if you have two bandcamp tabs, one of which is playing, and you start playing in the other, the first one will pause, and it was all being done with a very complicated message bus based on polling cookies at high frequencies

uh oh im binging http 203 cos i missed a lot of the more recent stuff and now i have opinions about the web platform again

dont read this if you dont read the yospos buttcoin thread it wont make sense 

gonna make a version of forget that works with something awful just for xtal

i mean i get it, i also have a tendency to underestimate every deadline

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i wish rclone wouldn't constantly tell me i'm like 25 minutes away from being done. you already said that like three days ago

secret h*r lore... only kept alive by oral tradition and also the wiki

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wild that i remember this throwaway line from an easter egg from a music video that is basically not accessible anymore because it doesn't work in ruffle

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Tonight in song transitions that probably wouldn't work:
Strong bad's "ooh ah, ooh side swipe, ooh ah ooh side swipe" into "they're forming in a straight line"

does the imagemagick wizard fuck

something something it points in every direction at all times blerghhh

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a political compass is a compass that points at the nearest instance of politics

i am of course only going to btdb to check for ads. i would never download a movie without paying for it and then admit it on the public internet

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i don't understand how they could be making any amount of money from these ads given that the site is impossible to browse with them on without constantly opening the inspector to delete an overlay or two

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