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hâte à demain
- température en dessous de 30
- orage toute la journée? 😍

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had my hand misaligned and typed "pàp" instead of "lol"

SA (as in something awful) 

also someone made the same remark i just did about every food show having a contestant with a tragic autism child lol

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SA (as in something awful) 

jesus christ the yospos tech bubel thread has been going on about food for idk how many fuckin pages

this after having argued about regional power outlets for like three pages

neither of those are tech bubel

i have acquired a copy of the new space jamb but i don't think i actually want to watch the new space jamb

i barely even remember old space jamb ive watched it like once, twenty years ago

wild how i watched two different food reality tv shows yesterday and both had a contestant that was like (extremely emotions music) "my son has autism and... (tears up) he inspires me to cook..."

one week everyone calls him "bart simp" at school and bart is devastated

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i just imagined bart simpson saying "poggers" and now i have to stop imagining bart simpso

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bart simpson strikes me as someone that would say "normie"

if all my pokémon are down i should be able to take the rotom out of my pokedex and use it to fight

they should teach sick bripe tech at the bartending academy. what if you have to serve a coffee, are you really going to serve it in a cup all boring like? no

this is your captain speaking. please regain your seats and put on your seatbelts. i am about to perform an experimental bripe trick while my co-pilot does some street magician bullshit

sleep bad 

i have not slept a single minute and i blame the heat (but really its also because of worry)

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