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this wouldn't be so aggravating if the guy wasnt making a kind of resolver that doesn't really have alternatives, and if he didn't put in his terrible ttl opinions as defaults (or, before i complained, hardcoded)

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i made myself angry about dns again by remembering that time when i had to explain to the lead developer of a caching resolver that no, in fact, returning the TTL as it was at the time of caching is not cool nor good

and in the process of looking up what that's called i landed on the article where the same lead developer says that you should just set your resolver to overwrite every TTL lower than 40 minutes with 40 minutes

give me a dressup game with all the wario ware characters nintendo or else i will cry

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on second thought i wouldnt date anyone from yospos. or from da

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dating website that matches me with people who also use amberpos and the green deviantart theme

house of leaves 🤝 wikias that seem to be documenting some piece of media but there are no actual links or references to the source and the editors seem to be a group of excitable 8-year-olds

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there is a direct chain of causation between donphan being down for upgrades and me falling in a strange wikia rabbithole

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frankly i couldn't even start a webcomic. i have no imagination for stories

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i mean if it were me i probably couldn't keep it up for six months but you know what i mean

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like if it were me six months in id be like "hheeauueh the first three months of pages are So Bad! no one is going to read my new, better pages"

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i dont understand how someone can write the same webcomic for fifteen years and not start from scratch with better writing and comicking skills at some point

they're called bar-tinder because they match you up with drinks

preparing sandwiches problems 

1- i have no impulse control and i want to eat the sandwiches now instead of later
2- im gonna have weird al's "foil" stuck in my head all day

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