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i'm not currently listening to this, just thinkin about it

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Are you excited for Lack Friday?

This week doesn't have a Friday! Thursday will be followed by Saturday, and then Sunday. Oh! Such time savings! A whole day's worth.

Be sure to check out our many sales, I mean sails, from when you'll be going to the beach this week-end, which, again, to be clear, said week-end is one day earlier than it would have been usually.

dirt daily 

i hate pikes peak. and also this car

folks i know this is a rare occurence but, i'm upset about a very small thing a web company did

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you *know* the only actual use case for this is "putting a pure-black / pure-white logo in your github-rendered readme". why is this even supported in any other markdown field

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god im looking at this again and it's so clunky

like. it's already bad enough that projects everywhere are shipping with a lot of github badge cruft that only makes sense if you're looking at it on github (hello yt-dlp). now we're putting two images next to each other with an incantation and hoping that the renderer will know what it means and not display both?

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(knowyourmeme shuts down)

you'll never really know, know know know, know know know
anything about meme

anyway i think detonate by charli xcx is about snowboard kids

i mean, it would fit in well on the snowboard kids soundtrack. also that game has bombs

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for tmbg i have tmbw but there the song interpretations page is one click away :NotLikeThis:

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i need to start using a different site for lyrics. on genius it's too tempting to click and see what dipshit observation someone felt was important to add

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