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i have an old 8bitdo controller and it's.. not good so im always confused to see everyone say they're the best possible controller for retro shit

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Trade Offer

You Receive: hug
I Receive: hug

anyway i immediately clicked on every single ad on the page and forwarded the link to my entire address book

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i wonder which metric decided that autoplaying auto-unmuting video that isn't even related to the page was good

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was trying to read an article on forbes and clicked on the play button on a twitter embed, which caused the video to play and also caused some already autoplaying video elsewhere on the page to unmute itself mid-sentence

pet peeve 

when an abbreviaton has a slash in it for no reason


hat and tip
hat over tip

New rule: real life pet names now follow neopets rules and must be globally unique

i hate that i can't hear any variation on "we are living in a society" without laughing

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i want at least one of these to go "oh huh.. you're really bad at this!"

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tom scott plus is tom scott gets complimented about being not as bad as he thinks at random skills that he never exercised: the show

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no ones ever told that tale though because it's not exciting

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i think that you can stop maintaining a library without also salting the earth

i dont like how the big button on each product page beckoning me to the pine64 wiki uses the wikipedia W

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