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every now and then youtube is like, hey, you wanna listen to jenny nicholson dunk on hallmark's youtube channel for 20 minutes again? and every time i say yes because of course i do

maybe this is my terminal Not Invented Here illness showing

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the secret hidden in this thread is that i dont really get buying characters

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i cant hold intellectual property because i am dumb of ass

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this shit wack just draw funny shape critter. intellectual property is a scam

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youre telling me this thing had a 0.01% chance of having a heart on its cheek? weird! i just drew another one with a heart on its cheek too and i didn't even have to roll any dice

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im just not gonna draw anything that lists how rare its fuckin tail or ears are. congrats on your proto bored ape i guess

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and then we could set fire to a cop car (in real life)

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we could cuddle and maybe kiss a little (in minecraft)

(anti piracy font) you wouldnt boop my snoot

"you have a normal-sized face, rorie"

saw a character on art fight called charybdis and immediately went "like the irc server?" anyway i'm a lost cause


la boulangère m'a donné un croissant en plus c trop gentil 😭 je veux plus déménager

bref votez pour moi en tant que députæ. comment ça je suis en retard

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