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I'mma keep around a big "//" symbol just in case the robots ever turn against me and I need to hide.

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I could choose to interpret them like when I make a bad joke and someone does an empty reply like "I can't believe you've done this"

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apod bot gets a lot of... empty replies? which I assume are accidental but it's weird how often it happens

when i am president of the world i will make it a law that when you see poultry you *have* to make chicken noises at the poultry

good video game writing is the kind that lets me form a longstanding one-sided beef with an npc

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this is the guy who shattered my hopes and dreams last year by making me realise that i was missing one color of pumpkin in my pumpkin patch

not today fucker. i have all the pumpkins now

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whoever invented cats really was ahead of the game

@ciaby @codl alright, enough. This is the first meeting of the Mastodon API Version String Committee and the members are me and the standard is hereby

"X.Y.Z" (semver of the mastodon base API that is supported) followed by either "+forkname-X.Y.Z" (fork semver, "-X.Y.Z" part optional) or " (compatible; softwarename X.Y.Z)" for non-mastodon-fork masto-compatible software (" X.Y.Z" part again optional).


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