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ahh there's too many things to do and i have not enough time and energy

UPDATE: turns out codepen embeds are not necessarily dark mode always

it's just that everyone uses the dark one regardless

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splat 3, fridge thought 

these shades are great but i think nintendo should also give me a silver form-fitting shirt and a corn shaped gun to complete the Cyber Woman With Corn look

i'm trying to figure out if an idea i had makes sense or no

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what im getting from the replies to ben is that native english speakers should not weigh in on matters of localization from english to other languages

i can hear a stereotypical reverb'd sitar just looking at it

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someone should make a new display server for linux

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i don't mean the fact that there's three of them, that's awful but i already knew that, i mean the fact that if the program that put something in the clipboard goes away, the clipboard goes away too

that's not a clipboard! that's a post it note that says "for clipboard contents ask pid 69420"

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ive been made to care about how the clipboard works in x11 recently and: what the fuck

thinking again about the mastodon client that creates federation traffic whenever you click on anything

this app has such terrible UX (no plink plonk sounds when I tap things)

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Need financial help for food and therapy, kinda urgent, please boost 

Hi there, I'm out of money for the month but I still need to pay for my upcoming therapy session (50€) and food for a few days until I get paid. I need about 80€. Please help if you can, even small amounts help!

If you can't send any money, a boost goes a long way. Thanks in advance ❀️ #mutualaid @mutualaid

someone: whats the name of that big city in china, the one with the separate government and all the billionaires
me: πŸ’­ don't say honkey kong
me: honkey kong

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