Rondella d'Elamfort is one of Śina's friends, a four-armed Levendish woman who collects swords in her spare time between missions for the Guild. She's moderately competent at fighting with them, but is extremely knowledgeable about the craft and history of swordsmithing. She knows the trademark styles of smiths going back centuries and can appraise a new weapon's construction and balance with just a few test swings. Rondella and Śina have gone on a few ventures together in search of rare or unusual weapons, and even if they turn out to be a bust, they both end up having a good time.

furries be like my fantasy self has a home and small business and a legally recognized spouse and everyone uses the right pronouns

concept gender, not intended for mass production, no cash value, no purchase necessary, returns for store credit only, offer void in Connecticut, enlarged to show texture, do not bend, (okay you can bend a little), contains milk, produces eggs, made in Pakistan, tumble dry low

in need of new housing asap 

It’s a juicy day in the cybercafé, and you are a bubbly dragon.

I've realized that a big part of the fantasy of my fursona's self replication ability is centered on my desire to give all of my friends the love and attention they deserve constantly crashing into my lack of free time.

I treasure you all, and it's my wish that I could be omni-available to be there for you as much as you would like me to! Life gets in the way of that, and I yearn for a way around that problem...

I wish people in this fandom would stop making fursonas for famous / famous-adjacent people. If they want a fursona they should have to awkwardly design one and steadily flanderize it into a niche fetish over time like everyone else.

Me: *pushes chair out from table to stand up*
Dog: what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck


Quick messy doodle of an outfit ref for a commish I'm getting.

It's a comfy-shaped werewolf...

They appear to have put up a Christmas tree at the Hot Pilates Secret.

Today in discussion with a @connie I kinda came to the realisation I've helped archive parts of a game and that people still use those sprites, even 10 years later.

(I still have the source files too lol)

a new drug that makes you feel like you just closed 74 browser tabs

regular reminder that i am looking for someone to commission for a ten-legged Untitled Goose in that artstyle

boosts are appreciated, and hit me up if you would like to do this or know someone who would

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