So here are all the postcard furry sketches I've gotten from catboots over the years. Unless otherwise labeled, all the art in this thread is SFW furry art drawn by These are some of the older ones, you can tell because they're done in black ink and are all dragons.

NSFW: Comic, big dick, lots of cum, anime-level shenanigans 

on the other hand, this bard outfit i designed for the dnd party painting is still very good

multi furry 

Hydra girl! Five heads, six arms, and a snaky tail for legs. She's amphibious - a swamp-dweller, like her legendary ancestor - and covered in smooth skin, not reptilian scales. She has no teeth or claws either; she's just big and soft and likes to cuddle.

you can say "Lucario" and @ShugoWah will like and boost it

macro/micro, butt, swimwear 

Fun fact for Cadence of Hyrule: if rhythm games aren't your thing, you can activate something called "Fixed-Beat Mode" which removes the rhythm constraints on your movement, giving you time to fully plan and explore.

bad feelings 

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