dead or alive 6, video game tiddy dlc Show more

dead or alive 6, video game tiddy dlc Show more

Nintendo sold one of their Ns to Sony. They're Intendo and Sonny now.

what's up gamers it's friday and i have a cute new icon by

Samus walks into Rdley's lair and just starts T-posing and not responding to anthing

three hours pass and Samus is still there still in T-pose and Ridley is crying in a corner

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do you think that sonic will high five his cop friend and then say blue lives matter in the sonic film.

Got to play several hours of Smash last night with a loan friend and aaaaaaa

I absolutely adore the changes this has over Smash 4, the universal drastic cutting down of landing lag and the air dodge mechanics are so goooood

I Can't believe I've reached the part of Homestuck where Betty Crocker is now a relevant plot point

I used to hate that lucario, a dog, is always depicted eating chocolate until it was pointed out to me that as a steel-type lucario is immune to poisons

well if it isn't my millennial son, blockchain darksouls

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