I'm not a huge TWRP fan, but the animation on this is incredible youtu.be/J9Q3i5w6-Ug

i'm still firmly Goodra Pooltoy™️ right now but just a reminder that i'm also this very good pupy

Everybody's a pupy!

Otter? Tube pupy
Kangaroo? Bounce pupy
Sergal? Wedge pupy
Snake? Hiss pupy
Giraffe? Tall pupy

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you have to train your lucario to not throw aura spheres at the mailman

Emojis have transcended the simplistic symbol-for-word replacement they may have originally been designed, and have become a language unto themselves. Therefore, one may transliterate English words into the "emoji language" when the emoji itself is not currently available... such as someone saying "eyes emoji" in real life. It has a distinct meaning separate from simply saying the word "eyes", because 👀 means more than just the word "eyes" within certain subsets of society.

ToeJam & Earl in Panic! at the Disco

How long after the expiration date is your deodorant safe to eat?

Another million dollar idea down the drain because this horse won't neigh quietly for my ASMR video

Lots of people are talking about Pokesonas and honestly I could go for one...

Probably a Mewtwo 👀

Schrödinger's Fursona: you put @ShugoWah in a box and until it's open again and you observe them, they are in a quantum state that is both Sergal and Lucario at once

there are two wolves inside you. can you help them get portal 2 set up so they can do the co-op campaign together. one of the wolves has never played portal before so this should be really fun

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
👏 👏 👏 👏
Deep down, inside of you, there's two wolves that are gaaaaay

The TV in the dentist examination room was just showing videos of turkeys doing things they shouldn't. Blocking traffic, knocking kids over, breaking into people's houses through the window. It was just a 24/7 turkey crimecast while I was having my teeth worked on.

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