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i commed technojara to do an outfit design for secta and its so good im going to physically perish

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fanart of @bolibob2@twitter.com's dragon centaur!! they were so beautiful i had to draw them

TRotO;SotR – Annai Siru
A redraw of an image from 2014, with an accompanying post. You can find out more here! darkoverord.info/index.php/201


Also added the old ver to compare

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you know what they call fortnite in france? battle royale with cheese

You know it's a good orb if it looks delicious but would probably kill you if you ate it.

hey guys look at my fuckin dragon now please

new commission art of my cyberdragon OC Azalea by @ShinSmashega on twitter!

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[COM-2019-02] A Good Beer and a Good Lounge #dosart

A commission for anonymous of @connie lounging having a good beer :D

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