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(happy jump)
(stand on 2 legs)
Bunny flop. Bunny flop. zoom slide Bunny chew. Bunny zoom very loud noises.

really appreciate rabbit junk as a band for answering the eternal question “what if neil cicierega was a digital hardcore vocalist”

breaking my 'dont relisten to tracks until the album is over' rule for bioluminess by false noise because what the fuck was that

went 2 jiu-jitsu thinking "ohhh man i wont know anything im so out of practice" and found out its not usually expected of a beginner to have 11 years martial arts practice already

Little King John is a nasty little thottie. and he just died from making it clap on instagram

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angel: i think uk caving fatalities are extremely funny.

aiki: im looking at the wikipedia page for UK caving fatalities

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aiki: everyone in the UK has five names
me: john
aiki: KEVIN.
me: wait
aiki: HARRY.
me: wait no aiki
aiki: PAUL.

its international mens day so i want to give a little shout out to my transmasc, female guy, girlboy, boygirl, male woman and boymoder followers . If ive missed a type of man im so sorry ❤️

i didnt think i was a gecs fan but im on my sixth consecutive loop of mememe and i think i love it

[autisticly] people werent meant to live in cities

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oh nice the ambulance speeding beside the empty road beside me doesnt have its siren on. wonderful. i would hate it if it turned it on for the split second it passed me as if specifically to troll me specifically

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all this was for a joke that lasts like three pages

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