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i went to go put peppermint extract in the air filter for the furnace but when i opened up the vent to get at it, i zoned out for a second trying to catch the vent from falling, and now i'm not sure if i dropped the air filter into the furnace or if someone had already taken it out at some point because it just isn't there

we have real power we can use to change things, and there are plenty of ideal futures to look forward to. don't forget that

of course star trek is a little too far in the "humanity is always good" direction, but i'd rather look at their positive view of the future than a dismal one that makes you feel defeated, resigning yourself to the "inevitable" future

really wish there were more space shows like star trek that had a more idealistic outlook on humanity's future rather than this dismal "everything is horrible" scenario where we fetishise the suffering of the characters

started watching The Expanse and it's so slow, at least in the first episode

none of the characters are super likable yet either

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i may actually make it to platinum in rocket league rumble. got up to gold 3

i go to bed just before sunrise only because i need enough time to reach my 'time spent howling at the moon' quota every day

i forgot how weird the puck physics were in rocket league

oh oops twidere keeps posting things private

the pokemon main stories have been getting better but they've also felt like a footnote in the overall gameplay, imo

give me weird gritty stories like in colosseum/XD

probably a hot take but i really think the badge/championship challenges in pokemon are super tired? alola tried to shake it up a bit and i really appreciated that but it was still lacking

the draw for me when playing pokemon is to look at cute animal monsters, explore all the cool places and their different unique aesthetics, and in alola i actually enjoyed trying to complete the pokedex (never did though)

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