hey it's almost dark and i survived

got five whole hours of sunned light

i can't even tell if "prodeathlord587" is a serious username or ironic at this point

just one more hour

feeling so yucky lol

idek if this is gonna be any bit helpful to my sleep either

apex legends 

apex legends 

apex legends, ableism 

i remember back when apex was new and i spent most of my time hiding

i'm convinced most successful shitposters are chronically sleep deprived

banned from professional sports for using a gameshark

oh, instrument isn't happening today, it's happening tomorrow

really hope it's the guitar so i can stop thinking about it

i keep asking lumin to seed the torrents they get from the private tracker i use, and they just don't :/

just need to survive 4 hours of this and then do a heckin nap

there is no better sleeping pill than the idea of trying to keep yourself awake

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