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pokemon sword/shield 

pokemon sword/shield 

pokemon sword/shield 

just saw someone selling a fursuit on twitter and a couple other artists threw in a few freebies (a badge, some stickers) to help sweeten the deal and help the person sell their art and i love seeing that kind of thing?

look at people all helping each other out to try and make ends meet. it's so good

i did go on a nice long walk though. it was warm enough to wear a hoodie instead of a coat, and there was such a nice grey mood out (i love cloudy/grey skies a lot)

it's 16:21 and i still haven't played any pokemon lol

there was one time where someone said "hey there are folks who don't even wanna know this exists, please cw anything that even so much as mentions it" and like

1) if i cw mentioning the word abdl with 'abdl' there's no point at all

2) things you don't like or don't relate to will always exist and you just gotta deal with that. if my happiness is incompatible with your happiness, block and move on, but shush about trying to make me hide an entire part of my identity to appease you

everyone's always going on about large spats of bullying abdls and here i talk about it pretty frequently and very few people have taken issue over it, or at least nobody's said anything

if i suddenly became rich/wealthy my first focus outside of basic needs and helping out friends would probably be tracking down items i used to have throughout my life that i was forced to either sell or abandon

they wouldn't be quite the same as the objects i actually had back then but they'd still feel comfy to have and revisit i reckon

i think i actually talked about that already recently but i just kinda wanted to ramble on for a bit again and take a walk down nostalgia lane. you know how it is :p

by that time i was getting into smartphones so i just ended up using my phone

then i ran out of space on my phone and got a used ipod classic 6g, installed rockbox but had issues so went back to stock

eventually i got into streaming and sold the ipod classic because it was worth way too much to just hold onto for nothing

and finally now i've got a phone with a huge amount of storage, so i stream most of my music but have both my entire streaming library downloaded + a local library

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