i seem to have lost the ability to move my clock to the center of the screen? hm

setting everything up again is such a pain but at least i shouldn't have to do this again until i literally get a new phone, hopefully

finally slapped stock back on my p2xl, i'm too tired to put up with lineageos

so it turns out in my excitement at the cpu i forgot to check the model name and only checked the pins to make sure they were good, which means i ended up buying an fx4170 instead of an fx8370. oops! it was only $10 though so who can complain really

anyone got a spare am3+ motherboard laying around? :p

pins look good and i'm willing to gamble $10 towards the start of a home server/backup pc

well value village wanted $10 each for wii guitars which i'm too stubborn to pay so i dropped $10 on this instead. let's hope it works... i don't currently have an am3+ motherboard to test with

how do i look at my existence before now and not get embarrassed??

it'd be nice if there were some sort of android app that lets you connect rb/gh controllers via bluetooth or usb and test out the buttons

don't know if that's even possible but if it was it would make my life easier probably

heading out to the thrift store soon, on a tuesday when there'll be a fresh influx of weekend spoils

he'll yeah

don't actually know if it worked, it still seems low :shrug:

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