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my camera came with an 8gb compact flash card - biggest it could take - and this is the only cf card i've ever owned or perhaps even seen outside of a store

does anyone even still use compact flash cards for photography

maybe i can find a lens at a thrift shop or something

i'd like to get a new lens that's longer than my 14-42mm one but idk if i wanna buy a lens for a camera this old if i won't be able to use it with modern cameras...

but also, when will i spend money on a new camera? probably never lmao

lumin is borrowing a nikon d60 from the roommate and i took my olympus e420 out with them for walkies to take a few shots

i seem way more receptive to learning how to camera than i was a few years ago. once i get a case for mine i think i might take it out more often

or maybe i'm just getting more confident about posting the bad ones, and they were bad all along

i've got 99% isopropyl so today's project is to see if cleaning my r5 1600x will make it not dead

if it doesn't...i'm probably gonna ask for help affording a new cpu

when you go to make some tea first thing in the morning and additionally end up making an entire pitcher of iced tea and cleaning almost the entire kitchen

alright i think i'm gonna hop in bed early, i'm pretty sleepy. g'night <3

it is way more difficult for me to talk about abdl stuff than pretty much anything else, at least when it comes to parts of my identity.

i hope to someday have as easy a time being open about it as i have about being nonbinary or being a dog

i just got rid of the line by turning the contrast all the way down, then all the way up, and it stayed gone when i went back to normal contrast. hooray

the purple line still hasn't gone away and i'm a little worried it's here to stay, but it's also not as obtrusive as i thought it would be thankfully. maybe i'll get used to it

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