rocksmith refuses to not crash on startup despite the fact that i entirely redownloaded it so that's cool

if i were in the star trek universe, i would love to just have a small ship/shuttle of my own. explore the galaxy at my own pace.

occasionally rendevous with big starships and watch them carry out their missions from a safe distance

maybe do photography and field recordings and study wildlife on other planets that can support life

apex legends 

also apparently zombies can revive downed living teammates! that's so cool

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apex legends 

my teammates were zombies for basically the entire game while i was the only one actually alive. it was so intense

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apex legends 

how did we not even get close to winning tbh

my teammates keep going skull town i'm so annoyed

when you're downed, you can self res

when you die, you come back as a zombie as long as one of your teammates is still alive, and you're still on their team protecting them. if you die as a zombie, you respawn a few seconds later

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the halloween mode is so much more fun this year

that is roughly how much money i am able to spend on myself every 3 months, so maybe i'm a bit biased, but

that seems ilke such a rip. even if you play the game for over 1000 hours like i have

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can you imagine spending $10 for a video game character skin

nooooo i was doing incredibly and the server shut down :(

oh yeah, apex legends "shadow royale" mode for halloween starts today

i wanna cook with friends sometime. idk what i'd cook but it's just generally fun to cook things with other people

absolutely hate sharing a tiny apartment kitchen

really want to talk to people about lots of things i've been thinking about lately but i am also deathly terrified of talking to people directly the past month

there are so many video games out there that are probably pretty good but i simply forget exist and am never in the mood to play when i remember them

Animals in zoos are getting no visitors, so they're visiting each other. (3m20s, no speaking)
Blink and you'll miss it: ~43s in @MadestMadness has the zoomies

just finished 46. i wasn't really expecting what the last two books have thrown at me until a little closer to the finale

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