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alright, finished season 2 of DS9! still have 5 more to go.

if you care about the lives of these people over the lives of the marginalised, the lives of 99% of the population, the lives of folks overseas, all wildlife on this planet, the planet don't care about anyone.

they may say their lives are worth more because they have more power and/or wealth, but you shouldn't uphold that. their lives are worth nothing unless they do a 180 and help us change this shithole of a society to something fair for everyone.

more people seem to care about the lives of the privileged than the lives of the downtrodden. i'd gladly curb stomp a dozen rich fucks if it meant the entire working class had a higher QOL

whether you're going with quantity or quality, the rich and the powerful always lose. they are evil, exploitative, bigoted wastes of space. they are murderers. they are self-centered and egotistical. they are destroying lives and the planet.

fuck 'em.

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@ctrlaltdog "people will die in a revolution!" = "privileged oppressors will die in a revolution!" imho

and don't tell me "people will die in a revolution!" because people die in large numbers every day in capitalist america. people die en masse in the US's shitty invasions overseas.

yes, considerations need to be made to help others who can't fend for themselves during the transitional period, but there are plenty of able bodies to take to the front lines AND take care of those that can't take care of themselves.

we are many, the ruling class is few.

reminder that you're not a socialist unless you aim to seize the means of production, which is only possible through revolution.

you cannot be a socialist and believe reform is the only option.

the USSR was not as bad as nazis and it was not as bad as the US is. it was not ideal, but it was still clearly not as evil as you make it out to be.

honestly i prefer tankies to capitalists or fake socialists, because at least they want to work toward communism

until you come to me with proof that the average QOL lowered in russia under the USSR's shitty rule, i don't want to see another take from a "socialist" on what it was like

and i'm sure i'd know by now, considering how much propaganda the nazis and the west (especially the US) have already spread, none of it mentioning any nationalism.

and if your reasoning for saying they were nationalist is "they wanted everyone to be communist" then nearly every country on this planet is fascist for enforcing capitalism on everyone around them

i saw a take the other day that said the USSR was red fascist, and i'd like to note that you clearly don't know what fascism is if you're saying that, and are just pandering to capitalist fascist america.

the USSR was disgustingly authoritarian and far from perfect. they killed other leftists to retain ideological purity, and brought the tanks out on their own people (hence the term "tankies"). but they were not nationalist as far as i know

currently it's a leftist sjw gaming server for all my local friends and some of my internet friends, with a splash of furry, drug talk, sexual stuff, and plenty of memes.

i'm wondering if i should make a separate server for leftists i know who aren't particularly interested in the current feel of the server or the majority of the other stuff. or maybe a separate gaming server that i can invite more folks to than just people i'm comfortable with, since we talk about a lot of private stuff.

i've been thinking i might need to make a separate discord server from the current one i manage but i'm not sure what exactly i need to split from the current one

many of the things we talk about in the current one, most folks involved are interested in or at least respect/appreciate, but i feel like we might need to separate some aspects of it if we ever hope to have more activity?

i don't even really know where i'll be in a few months let alone a year. thanks to a childhood of moving and an adulthood of Even More Stressfully Frequent Moving And The Constant Threat of Homelessness i can't stop waiting for the other shoe to drop and somehow ending up homeless or at the very least displaced again

i wonder if in 5 years or even 10 years, i'll still play as many games and be as interested in game design as i am now.

maybe i'll actually have put some time into learning how to build my own games by then. maybe. probably not.

they're not terribly good speakers. 2 store-brand speakers i got with a 2.1 system for $30 CAD at a computer shop that turned out way better than expected for the price, and a 5.1-capable edifier sub that i got at a thrift store super cheap that imo beats the sound of the sub that came with the speakers. and hey, 3 extra channels for more speakers is cool.

soon i'll get my 2.1 speaker setup back! just gotta wait a little longer. it's been like 4 months

it's still weird not having a sub. especially when i listen to old music i haven't heard in ages and expect to hear the bass, but there's nothing. a whole range of frequencies missing.

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