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if you're gonna take part in this latest meme, make sure to bring your A game

the caverns bot almost makes me want to play a dungeon crawler, though i haven't really found one that i'm super into

problem: there's very little conflict and few other problems on the discord server i run, so i'm having trouble coming up with any rules beyond asking folks to make sure they CW certain topics other users don't want to see

instead like most of the matches have just been Love vs Love

splatfest is lacking in team money players which is extremely good, but also disappointing because i want to splat some folks who think money is somehow better than love

splatfest forces you to wear the splatfest shirt unfortunately

oops. my jacket in spla2n is generally what gives me maneuverability, so i am having a hard time keeping up with pros

honestly i'd just settle for owning a house period, preferably with an office separate from my bedroom, good internet, and a decent amount of space for projects and storage. a pool still seems like a luxury to me, but i'd really love one.

is it bad to want your own large swimming pool in your backyard if the reason is because you have too much bodily dysphoria to swim publicly anymore

i started getting anxious about swimming or doing any water activities in my early teens and i didn't know why until i discovered i was trans

really glad it's been cloudy the past couple days because my eyes aren't quite used to sunlight yet, and rain is my favourite weather aside from snow.

it'd probably be a good idea to get like...a lamp or something for this situation. i guess i could turn on the LED christmas lights. already have one of the blinds slightly open for at least a little bit of that good sunlight

waking up early is great except when you have to sit in the dark for hours because your computer is in the same room as your bed, which you share with someone who never gets up early

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enterprise is absolutely the worst show with the worst opening sequence. it has the most unfitting, obnoxious music possible, and the visuals just feel all over the place and not very relevant to the actual contents of the show.

ds9 has a nice audio part in the opening sequence, but it feels like it goes on way longer than it should. the audio sounds like it should end at a specific spot in the middle and it just gets grating. doesn't help that the visuals accompanying it are just several different views of the same space station floating around, from different angles. could've shown more of bajor, maybe shuttlecraft/defiant flying around through space.

TOS has a charming tune that doesn't quite fit, and bad visuals

discovery's theme just feels so full of energy but is so calm at the same time. it really does a good job at conveying that action and wonder of space and the contents of the show.

it could only be improved if the main character/current captain/CO did a short monologue about the show before the intro. i love that about TNG, though its theme comes off a little too loud (still enjoyable though)

voyager's theme is decent. the video sequence is more exciting than ds9, music is underwhelming

order of ST themes from best-worst imo:
- discovery
- voyager
- ds9
- enterprise

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