can't wait until i have enough ram not to worry about having to close like 4 programs every time i start up a game

currently thinking about what it'd be like to give a ride to microfur

a fennec would make for an interesting steed

you know what, i really want to ride on a train long distance

i'm sure i had some neat dreams but all i remember is being on a long-distance bus going... somewhere

holy heck i'm sleepy y'all. g'night folks. and stay outta my dreams (actually you're probably welcome just behave okay)

i just saw someone call qr codes "outdated relics of the 2010s" and now i feel like an outdated relic

i got a facecloth the other day (yes, finally) and i forgot to wash it before using it

so in the shower i was using it on my face and it smelled like...chemicals. pulled it away and it was absolutely dripping blue dye lol

anyway if i'm looking a little blue that's why. well, that and depression

it'd be so nice, to be small enough to curl up in someone's lap, for a nap


i've got bad romance stuck in my head

never really got into lady gaga before but bad romance is in rocksmith and it's become a bit of an earworm

probably just gonna let my domain name expire as much as i love it, because $46 is a lot of money for me and not worth it when i barely have the motivation to actually finish my site

gdi i've been reminded of how much i want the next season of his dark materials to come out


i'm so disappointed about mixer. i really don't want to use twitch ever

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