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it's got a lot of the same problems surrounding it that my fed timeline usually gets with duplicates and empty spaces but i've never seen it duplicate the same post for an entire scroll's worth of space

is this a bug or did they seriously post this many times

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Find out your GAY NAME!

Your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

My last name

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i promise to only give you the most unflattering angles of willow

ok that's all the dog pics for now

hey here's some hastily taken photos of willow since i haven't posted any willow pics in ten thousand years and everyone else is posting their animal friends

she's a good dog

there's only one kind of dog pile i enjoy and it involves actual dogs in an actual pile

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getting back into We Bare Bears. i'm watching episodes from the beginning of s02 and idk if i've already watched them or not (it's been a long time) but it's good

i'm also thinking about leaning toward purple for accessories over blue

i've considered giving my fursona a bow before but. idk

lmao, blokada straight up blocked kotaku.

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always believe the opposite of whatever your government tells you about other people

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In-case you were curious, Chitter's mascot is called Cherry! They are a non-binary raccoon and very happy to represent our community

Special thanks to our artists, @fcard, @danfoxx and :raccoon: :purple_sparkling_heart: