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there's this one movie i saw as a kid where some boring guy got put in a coma, and throughout the coma he had a dream where he had to stop a monkey from hijacking his mind and waking up in his body. they end up doing a body swap, chasing each other irl, and eventually being put back in the right bodies i think??

extremely bad, extremely low budget, completely forgettable movies are great when you watch them while sick and then remember them as though they were fever dreams

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just kidding i'm never growing up

when i grow up i want to be clickbait

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important reminder that i'm a dog

but that also makes it easier for the quality of my writing and the diversity of topics to take a dive as i ever try to please whoever's giving me gratification, rather than writing for my own reasons. hmm

still, might be better than not writing at all?

maybe i need to find some way to write where i can get quick gratification, so i can associate writing things with feeling good and accomplishing stuff

once again confronting the fact that maybe i should be practising writing in some form.

pubg is currently $18 and i'm tempted but idk if we can afford it. i'll have to see. it would be nice to not have to play it on mobile

lmao, all the servers in quake champions are full and i'm in a queue with over 1100 other players in front of me

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shit, my menchies blew up and i missed some discussions. going back through them now. sorry if i'm late to reply!

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