damn, that wind outside is incredible

can hear it way louder than the storms going on in minecraft

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please stop making good posts. it's distracting me

i have a feeling in a world with anthropomorphic plants, this would absolutely be a thing. we'd have monitors with special lamps in them so you can eat while you game

photosynthesis but you draw your nutrients from the glow of an LED monitor

i think video games and coffee should count as breakfast

hell yeah, got some good splatoon in with bearish

either i clicked the wrong thing, or splatoon online changed in a weird way, because i just went to enter turf war and it had me waiting for an open slot as if i were joining a friend?

i don't have an income of any kind so maybe i should compile a list of ways internet folks who have extra wealth to spread around, can help me to afford some of my needs and small luxuries

destroying your friends with wholesome genuine compliments and affection

also, you could almost argue that taking part in this whole fame charade is probably harmful in general because it perpetuates a cycle of abuse toward both the participants and the audiences at the hands of large corporations that seek to make a profit off of this kind of thing

corporations that care more about scandal and conflict than resolution, progress, and caring about each other.

not gonna lie, i kinda wish i were famous, if only so i could be Me As Fuck in the public spotlight and normalise whatever i possibly can to a larger audience

but i'm absolutely certain it would be too much attention and too much pressure and i'd probably collapse real quick lmao

especially because fame means every single word out of your mouth is scrutinised, your name and ID become a brand, and your positive AND negative are amplified, which means more potential harm too

you can talk about fame being fake and all that - and it's definitely not a metric you should measure anyone's worth with, obviously - but it's still an amusing thought for me nonetheless

there could be someone who's very average-presenting to the public, but on a private account in some cozy community, they could be opening up about their deepest, darkest self and getting involved in left politics and shitposting

how cool could that be

it's really weird how famous folks could just be casually using some stealth personal account and interacting with you, and you'd never know it

oops, stayed up until 0500 because of a mh episode and now i've slept in until 1230

i wish i had a license. i wish i could just drive

i realise i say this a lot but. i never stop pulling things off i never expected. the entire game is muscle memory and hope

as i was powering down my switch i noticed it's still two hours ahead. oops. guess i'll fix that...whenever i next notice

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