puddle, an entire litter of ~1 year old chocolate lab puppies, sharing a collective consciousness

cool character concept and occasional coping mechanism

i keep forgetting about puddle until i am in a puddle mood

gonna watch an episode of bluey then enjoy some asmr

food, gender shitpost 

every time i see the dota logo i mistake it for the rust (game) logo and i'm not sure why because i've played a lot of rust

tbf a 30min drive into seattle proper isn't a road trip, and most of what i'm looking for is a road trip

but i also enjoy exploring cities and meeting new folks and i can certainly do that here

i just wanna be able to drive so i can go anywhere if i really want/need to

every time i start thinking about getting a driver's license i end up excitedly hyperfocusing on it

i haven't even properly explored seattle or like anywhere else in washington, and yet i already wanna go see oregon and cali

as you can probably tell, i really like this one

liking the slashes in my display name a lot better than i thought i would

i think i might have gotten a little depressed over the last little while and i'm still in the thick of it


for me this happens a lot with babyfur artists specifically, followed by folks who draw quadrupeds and very nonhuman looking bipeds, and rarely with very anthro characters

well it doesn't necessarily have to be cute but i'm having trouble coming up with a word that basically means "same"

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