if you are a small time business or self employed and you rely on ad revenue, i've got news for you: just like i would never be okay with you paying less than minimum wage so you can live out your fantasy of running a business, i'm not okay with you using predatory tactics to bring in an income either

there are so many ways to make money relatively ethically that are even more profitable, like selling merch. c'mon

ways to make money besides hosting ads for big corporations:
- merch (tshirts, stickers, prints of your work)
- patreon
- crowdfunding
- donation button

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@ctrlaltdog and maybe the businesses could sell their products instead of making ad filled sites with annoying popups.. 🤔 Like online news sites could do some extended journalism pieces. But yeah, in my opinion if companies rely on ads, then their business model is doomed to fail eventually.

@succfemboi i mean there is no ethical consumption under capitalism but we can try at least the find the method which brings about the least harm and the most reward (at least for those who actually need it to survive and thrive, rather than those just looking to make themselves richer)

@succfemboi and it is true that a lot of the conditions under which merch is produced are disgusting, so i guess it wouldn't be the best choice. but there still are other options

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