what you find annoying and cringey is actually influenced heavily by societal conditioning attempting to turn you away from positive, harmless fun in an effort to foster a sort of elitism that'll keep us all at odds with each other

kindness and silliness are revolutionary ideas. get with it

it's worth noting that your kindness and silliness should still be paired with a strong and uncompromising platform against oppression

centrism is not to be tolerated, and kindness should not be an excuse to ignore and allow oppression

part of kindness is fighting that which is not kind, until everyone has the opportunity to experience and spread kindness

@ctrlaltdog i will unironically enjoy being the things many describe as cringey tbh

@mew please do

find your own way, embrace it, explore all that the world has to offer you and your friends

@ctrlaltdog ah yeah but also incels are annoying and cringey but do not fit into “positive, harmless fun”

Sentiment: agreed
Phrasing: idk


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