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"people that aren't capitalists shouldn't use capitalist products and services" is the same mindset behind capitalism in the first place. the rich get to lay claim to everything, control who gets access to those resources, and then say "well i gave you everything you have!"

yeah, because you hoarded shit that didn't belong to you in the first place

everyone should have equal access to the land and resources on our planet without needing to get someone else's say so.

OF COURSE taking over the world and destroying every system that isn't capitalism, is going to lead to only capitalism producing goods.

it doesn't mean capitalism is the best ideology, and the only reason we have anything at all.

it just means capitalism is in control.

just because another ideology takes its place, doesn't mean the means of production or all of earth's resources suddenly disappear because capitalism isn't there anymore. communists take control of production, suddenly we're making a lot of the same products we always had, using all the same resources, living on the same land as before.

capitalism doesn't provide everything we have; people do, nonhuman animals do, the earth does. and those things don't disappear when a new ideology takes hold.

ah yes, i forgot about the day that capitalism became a thing, and suddenly we were all pulled from limbo, put on the earth, and smartphones rained down from the sky

@ctrlaltdog You got any better ideas you can actually put in practice?

@SFort yeah. a socialist revolution, gradually working toward full communism. and getting rid of hierarchies.


and will this "new ideology" allow me to acquire the things i specifically want? or will i have to settle for things i don't want because there's only 1 or 2 choices available to me?

@kaniini if the things you want don't harm others or the environment (unless it's an absolute necessity) then yes, you will obviously be able to have the specific things you want.

if nobody could have what they wanted, nobody would think communism is a good idea. we're a selfish species, after all

@kaniini the only difference being, you might have less duplicate products available, but at the same time you'd have higher quality items on the market, and eventually there would never be a shortage of items as long as they're in demand.

also, everything would be free of charge, so uh...you'd be able to get more of what you want anyway.

besides, if you ever wanted a specific product that doesn't exist, you could simply make it. you wouldn't have to worry about costs or profit.

@kaniini how would this system work? you want free things, don't you? you want lots of things, both your needs and wants, constantly fulfilled and readily available at no cost to you. everyone does.

people would be willing to work knowing that 100% of their labour and more would be met with everything they could ever need or want, and the power to create things and make changes like they've never had before. people would work because they want to keep this utopia going.

@kaniini and of course, there is already a lot of automation in today's society, mostly held back due to cost, laws protecting workers, and the fact that if there were less jobs, more people would be starving in the streets.

remove any concerns about that and suddenly automation can thrive and take over nearly every industry, without having to worry about anything except maybe environmental impact

@kaniini @ctrlaltdog The idea that capitalism gives you lots of choice just isn't true. Just think about cars, one of the biggest industries; there are only a few basic designs available.
I'd like a family car big enough to carry two bicycles inside please. Electric plugin for most trips but with a petrol engine for when we go further. It doesn't exist.
It's not exactly an unusual or weird choice to want even.

@ctrlaltdog Having spent a lot of time trying to build cooperatives, the problem with this model is getting people to agree on allocation instead of grabbing for the same resources or constantly renegotiating the agreement until those with the biggest will get their way...basically arriving at the point we were escaping from.

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