intro 1 

hey i'm curly. i also go by fidget! (fidget_exclamation_mark) on twitch and always_dizzy on vrchat.
I like to do computer things and just got my CS degree. I liked playing games that do unique things and I hope to one day make some myself.
I am vibrating constantly with 50% anxiety and 50% excitement but please feel free to DM or talk to me whenever. unless I am asleep. then talk softly, i would still like to listen.
also i love to help! i love doing stuff with people! a


intro 2 

i also really like writing characters, trying to learn modelling to bring them to life and love to see people interact with them. chill casual RP with them is OK.
main one is my sona Kusari(she/demi/shy), and her tail Zhuchka(he/must be stopped). They are the loudest voices in my life and they are both me. :blobcatreach: check them out <:3
i also have a big pizza dog, a weird spider crow and a whole lot others. please read about them on my FA.

intro 3 + links 

Kusari and Zhuchka find it more natural to use "she" and "he" as a sort of 1st person pronoun whenever one wants to say something unique to them, as a sort of exospectrive narration each gives the other, but I rarely use it so please bare with my usage of it when i do :ghost_owo:

discord: curly#0507
steam: feel free to ask
vr_chat: AlwaysDizzy
FF14: Coeurly Grace@Behemoth
possibly more in the future

intro 4 (last one) 

updated vr_chat: FidgetDizzy

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